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We were published...again...

Updated: Jun 16

...yet this one is especially sweet.

A 58 year old model was chosen over 20 year old beauties, not just for the full spread of 15 images, but the cover of The Feature Magazine in New Zealand.

It wasn't hard to talk my friends Elyse (Elyse Simons Beauty) and Janet into a fun session focusing on the unique beauty a mature woman brings to the table.

No longer will we fade into the longer will we shy away to please society.

We are strong and unapologetically visible. We earned the right to be seen!

I am still pinching myself about the amazing responses we are getting and I will just enjoy watching this little snowball we created cause an avalanche.

This is only the beginning .

I also created a Facebook group for women of all ages to come together and celebrate where we are in life:

Join us!

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