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Age is Beautiful

I'm so over the ageist attitudes I see in our culture. Our bodies are amazing, and as we grow older, they continue to change in ways that are both exciting and beautiful. It's time for us to embrace the beauty of aging!

There is a certain kind of beauty that comes with age.

We're all familiar with the adage, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But what if we could enhance that beauty by harnessing our own power to see beyond appearance? What if there was a way to make age a time of beauty instead of an obstacle?

Age is a time of wisdom. You've learned from your past mistakes, which allows you to have more self-awareness and less regret. You're more aware of how you come across to others because you've had enough experience with people and life itself that it has given you perspective on yourself and others. This makes it easier for you to understand them better and gives them more insight into themselves as well. Age is a time of experience. Having lived through multiple situations gives one depth, compassion, empathy—and perhaps most importantly—humility.

Age gives authenticity; what happens inside shows on the outside: People are able to see who they really are rather than putting up a front or hiding behind masks. It's not just about outer beauty either; inner beauty can also grow with age: Wisdom leads us down paths where our hearts know joy even when circumstances seem bleak at first glance; experience helps us know what will work best instead of being blinded by desire or fear; authenticity shows others how deep someone’s love goes.

There is so much magic in the aging process, and I hope that you will embrace it with me. I believe that our bodies are beautiful no matter what age we are and how they look. We should work to celebrate our bodies.

Our wrinkles show wisdom and experience; our gray hair shows wisdom and experience; our sagging breasts tell stories about who we've been as women. Our bodies are a part of us, and we shouldn't be ashamed of them!

The older we get, the more beautiful they become!

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