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At Tina Dwyer Photography, we are moving away from the idea of photo packages. Now,  the customer is in charge of the number of images they wish to invest in. Tina wants you to feel as comfortable as possible. As such, she makes it a point to meet her new clients ahead of their scheduled photo session.

During a 100% free consultation, you and Tina get to know each other over a cup of coffee and all of your photo wants and needs are discussed.


“You can ask me all you want to know, and I will ask you thinks like: ‘What is your favorite music?’ This way I can have a playlist for us, and we are all on the same page the day of the shoot. Since I exclusively only book one client a day, we can all relax and take our time without constantly having to keep an eye on the clock.

If your schedule happens to be tight, I promise not to keep you any longer than needed. You will get the attention you deserve and also have a great experience! Plus, you will get the professional headshots that will perfectly fit your needs.”


Tina takes special attention in coaching you into showing your best expressions and poses.  The ultimate goal is a photo showing confidence and approachability.

“Throughout the session, I will teach you everything you need to know about facial expression, angles, body language and all of that good stuff. The aim of the session is to get some great shots, and I'll spend as little or as long as is needed in order to get them. I love shooting headshots, so I'm in no rush to finish our shoot. My goal is to deliver you images that are authentically you and it is of the upmost importance to me to produce quality work that we can both be proud of. “


Would you like photos in different outfits?  At Tina Dwyer Photography, there are no limits placed on the number of outfit changes or looks you want! 


Finally, periodically during your photo shoot with Tina, she’ll take a quick break and go over with you some of the images taken so far. In this way, if there's anything you would like to change, we can do it on the spot!

The studio-based headshot session fee is $295 incl. taxes. This will Includes;

  • No Time Limit on Your Session *

  • Unlimited Outfit Changes *

  • Headshot / Personal Branding or Portrait Magazine Before Your Session with lots of information to get you ready.

  • One on One Post Session Advice for Image Selection

  • The 5 Star Experience -Tina’s past clients have been kind enough to review her on Google Business Reviews

*within reason

At the end of your session, Tina will sit down and go through the images, choosing the best ones for you to choose from. As mentioned previously, you are in complete control of the final cost, depending on how many images you require. ($40 per image/ includes professional retouching).

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