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Age is Beautiful 

My Passion Project

 I will focus more on the incredible beauty of mature women 

Age is a time of beauty.

Don't let society define you, and don't let it make you feel old.

Age is not a time to fade into the background. It's a time to be authentic, self-aware and proud of who you are.

It's time to stop letting society define who we are by our looks and start defining ourselves by our actions, passions and accomplishments.

There's no need for cosmetic surgery or anti aging products anymore because wrinkles are beautiful! Wrinkles show that we've lived life and made mistakes along the way.

Wrinkles also show that we've laughed at ourselves when things didn't go as planned, which means we've learned from those mistakes so they won't happen again!

Janet Brunton-Manning

Make Up Artist: Elyse Simons Beauty

Photographer: Tina Dwyer 

Published in The Feature Magazine (New Zealand)

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