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Tina Dwyer is a German-born portrait photographer, currently living in El Paso, Texas. She first fell in love with photography during her early teenage years while in Germany.

“At 16, I was part of an internship with an industrial photographer who took me to Photokina, the world's largest trade fair for the photo industry, in Cologne, Germany. I was like a little kid in a candy store and I knew that this was what I wanted to do! Forever!

But I took a few detours before coming back to my passion in the late 1990's when I was given my first digital camera, a Sony Digital Mavica (yes, back then we still used floppy disks!) Today I have upgraded from a Canon 5D Mark III to a 5D Mark IV  and now a Canon R6”

Tina moved to El Paso in 2006 and opened her own business. Since that time, she has been very active working and living her passion, photography.

Tina was a past President for the Photography Enthusiasts of El Paso (PEEP).

She has also received some high accolades for her work, including being nominated 3 years in a row in the best photographer category City Magazine ‘Best of the City’ Poll.

In June of 2019, wrote in an article titled

“The 10 Best El Paso Portrait Photographers,” the following…

“…Tina Dwyer has some of the most compelling portraits of any photographer on this list. With a background in beauty and fashion, Tina boasts photos that are both highly narrative and ultra-elegant, with much attention paid to perfect lighting, makeup, and natural touchup work in post-production. Her style is unlike the other creatives on this list."

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And in Jan 2022 they named her on their "The 12 Best Family Photographers in El Paso"

​..."Tina Dwyer is not only one of the best El Paso family photographers, but she is also adept with career headshots and corporate branding. She has an incredible fine-art touch to all her images, too, which definitely helps her work stand out from the crowd. Tina also displays clear intention and a sense of humor in her images, with her subjects often engaging in an activity they love. This is something any busy family can appreciate! Call on her to tailor something creative for you and your brood, especially if you want portraits of your children doing what they love."


Tina’s unique style of photography is intertwined with her bold philosophy on her art…

“I refuse to play by the rules, I refuse to be placed into a category. Photography is my passion and I feel the happiest behind my camera...where I shoot from the heart. Every photo session is a deeply personal conversation between my client and myself."

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