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My business is a safe place for everybody!

Never have I asked a client if they believe in God or what they might call their higher entity.

I do not care if you were born in this country or like myself come from somewhere else.

The only time I will worry about your shade of skin is when I communicate with the make-up artist.

I don’t care if you finished high school…or if you graduated from the most predigest University.

It doesn't matter to me if you are a Baby Boomer, Gen X or a millennial.

I don’t need to know your sexual orientation and I will never judge you on it.

My place is a safe place and whatever we talk about during your session will remain between you and me.

So, if you have had bad experiences with photographers who didn’t make you feel seen and safe, I am so sorry.

My studio is a safe place.

You, whoever you may be, the one that thinks you are too different, alone and misunderstood…I SEE YOU…you are welcome in my studio!

Parents of children, who the world has labeled as different, be assure I will treat them like everyone else.

Safe, respected, and special.

But since I want my studio to be a safe place for myself as well, I do reserve the right to refuse service to jerks and we all know they come in all shapes and sizes…

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