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The Importance Of A Good First Impression

As a businessperson you are well aware of the importance a good first impression holds. In person you only have a few moments to make that the digital world you have 3 seconds. A potential customer or future employer who searches for people like you has only about 3 seconds to quickly scan over your resume, website or social media.

What will a blurry, badly cropped selfie tell them about you? Will it say: “I am a confident professional and I take my career seriously!” Will that selfie you took 5 years ago at your cousins wedding make you stand out of the crowd? Will a future customer be able to recognize you from that poorly lit selfie when they meet you in person?

Selfies send out an entirely wrong message in the business world.

If you want to be treated like a professional, you must look the part and a professional headshot will help you do just that.

A professional headshot conveys confidence, professionalism and credibility. It can become your logo that will tie all of your social media together. Your professional headshot bears the personality of your business and will create a memorable connection to a future customer...we all like to do business with people we know and a good headshot on your social media or business cards will help with that.

We are living in a fast-paced digital world, a great headshot might be your only shot to stand out and make that all so important first impression...Take yourself and your business/career serious and invest in yourself with a professional headshot.


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