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What to wear ?

Recently I have been working with a lot of folks who are in the process of transitioning from military life into the civilian world…as the wife of a veteran, I can relate to their struggles.

Especially when they retire after 20 + years and are now expected to figure out what to wear on a day by day.

For the better part of their life, they woke up, jumped into their uniforms and went to work…but now they are expected to put together an outfit for an interviews, a job, school or for a photo session with me.

I remember my husband made quite a few questionable choices in the beginning…he was especially fond of his acid washed jeans that should have been left in the decade he joined the Army.

There are some great resources out there to help guide service members, like:

Especially men coming out of the service seem to have a certain apprehension to color.

Let me tell you, color can be awesome as long as you are not rivaling Bozo the Clown.

Go to Pinterest and search “outfit guide for men”, you will find advice from shoes and socks all the way to ties and how to tie them.

I always suggest my clients bring a variety of pieces and I will help them to choose the best possible outfit for their session with me.

...and research the field you want to get into after your do not need a photo of you in a 3 piece suite if you want to become a high school football know what is expected in your potentially new career.

Never hesitate to ask for help...I love helping you find the right look.


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