• Tina Dwyer

Introducing Yourself to the World

These images were taken for a magazine and my client (a motivational speaker/artist) wanted to convey her love for the South/West...her art and her style.

So instead of bringing her to the studio, I went to her home and we spent a whole morning shooting around her home and inside.

We wanted to make sure to incorporate her favorite painting as well as the bold colors in her home.

She clearly represents herself as a professional, confident, artistic, stylish and fun loving woman.

Before booking a branding session, you have to do a little homework and figure out your story. What do you want your images to convey to the world? How much of you is actually part of your brand?

Whatever you want your story to be, make sure it is authentic, it is you!

If you have any questions about branding feel free to reach out to me via the contact form on the bottom of the page.

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